“A fully vertically integrated factory, we control all stages of manufacturing for our fabrics. Our priority is the custom design of new clothes that meet the specifications of our customers.”

We set up, propose and advise the clothing concept and embroidery design and it turns into action, and our experience has shown that our customers are attracted and allured by this efficient and practical process, knowing that our core values are continuous improvement, maintaining quality, and respecting delivery precision to our customers.

Our History


​​Butterfly design, specialised in luxury hotel linen and catering linen, was founded in May 2018, located in Aouina.


Butterfly Design began its participation as part of the prestigious Buy Tunisia programme in association with the British Embassy Tunis, OCO Global and Tetra Tech.


The launch of our new range at Butterfly Design introducing our Handicrafts products to the market and fulfilling orders to new customers in the UK Neptune.

key figures

Worked with clients across 23 distracts across Tunisia, which includes: 14 hotels - predominantly 4 and 5 star destinations, 10 spas directly and 4 bespoke creations for private projects.
We provide expertise across 3 design and production elements: Handicrafts, Linens and workwear.
Butterfly Design has set an objective to provide a transparent and sincere assurance to our staff, partners, communities, commitment to gender equality is not just aspirational, but actionable by and creating a workplace environment in which all people can work together in an equitable and respectful way and in which women’s work is encouraged and supported.

“The World is Full of very simple Ideas, if you do not do it somebody else will take the risk and make it happen, get out of your comfort zone first then you just need to be convinced and persevere till it happens. Keep learning, discovering and sharing. Success is a shared responsibility!”
- Ismahen Saidi : Managing Director & Founder

Products development, purchase, warehousing, cutting, assembly, packaging, traceabilty...