Butterfly Design Involvement in the Buy Tunisia Programme

Butterfly Design Involvement in the Buy Tunisia Programme

The Tunisian Textile industry is a high-quality, fast-moving sector that offers great potential for foreign investors. The industry has a well-deserved reputation for the quality of its products, and it is able to respond quickly to changes in the market. This makes it an attractive option for companies that are looking for a reliable supplier of textiles.

The UK is one of the many countries that have been benefiting from this fast-moving economy in Tunisia. By launching the Buy Tunisia Program,  aimed at encouraging British companies to buy Tunisian products, the UK Government offers the opportunity for Tunisia textile manufacturers to enter the UK market.

Fortunately, Butterfly Design has been involved in this scheme. This article will explore how our involvement with this programme has helped the company grow and expand to an international market.

What is the “Buy Tunisia Programme”?

The Buy Tunisia Programme is a UK- funded project that is created to support Tunisian businesses and entrepreneurs in the food, tech, and textile industries with the aim of developing their international business. The programme provides support in product development, helping them to meet standards and identifying new opportunities within the UK market – all with the help of experts in the field.

This program not only boosts economic growth but also builds sustainable relationships between Tunisia and the UK. The idea behind this programme is that it will increase trade between Tunisia and Britain. It encourages UK companies to buy Tunisian products and offers them the support that they need to achieve this.

Butterfly Design Involvement in the Buy Tunisia Programme

The main goal of the Buy Tunisia Programme is to increase foreign investment opportunities for entrepreneurs employed in various business sectors. Through different initiatives and workshops organized as part of the scheme, entrepreneurs will learn about international best practices for starting and running a business.

As a company based in Tunisia, Butterfly Design is proud to participate as part of the prestigious Buy Tunisia programme in association with the British Embassy Tunis, OCO Global, and Tetra Tech. We believe that our participation and active involvement in the Buy Tunisia Scheme will help boost our international trade opportunity and provide us with more visibility on an international scale. 

The Buy Tunisia Programme provides opportunities for entrepreneurs such as us so we can promote our products internationally. The Buy Tunisia Scheme will allow entrepreneurs to learn about global business practices and market trends, and this information can be valuable in the development of our company’s growth strategy.

At Butterfly Design, we understand that trading in an international market requires business acumen, knowledge of local regulations and standards. Through our involvement in the Buy Tunisia Scheme, we are gaining access to tools that will help us develop into a thriving global business.

New Opportunities

As part of the Buy Tunisia Scheme, suppliers such as Butterfly Design can gain access to new international business opportunities with the aim of strengthening trading relations. As part of the program, Butterfly Design, today is working closely with new international clients to expand our business internationally in the Handicrafts industry.

This is a great opportunity for Butterfly Design to explore new international markets and develop its export activity to the UK market through the Buy Tunisia Scheme. It possesses immense potential in terms of generating more business. Our involvement with the Buy Tunisia Scheme will help us achieve our long-term goals when it comes to increasing our client base.

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